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Increase profitability and productivity by harnessing the hidden skills your employees have with

Collaboration For Neurodivergence

Achieve maximum performance while increasing engagement
and job satisfaction for your teams.

Every company can create a balanced cultural environment to ensure its diverse cohort of employees, teams, and leaders are continuously at their best.

Most companies avoid creating this because they’re apprehensive about approaching the intricacies of neurodiversity.

The systems, processes, and organisational structures are routinely based on the neurotypical experience, which works against your neurodivergent colleagues currently in your employment.

As a result, they often struggle to feel like they belong in the workplace, so their specialist talents are regularly overlooked rather than utilised to contribute positively to company objectives.

It’s time for change. It’s time for you to get more from your teams and for your teams to get more from the work they do.

How do we achieve increased employee engagement, heightened productivity and enhanced profitability?

It’s more straightforward than you might think. To make this happen, we need to fortify your organisational culture to ensure four outcomes:

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Collaboration for Neurodivergence is the flagship program of Kate Isichei, Founder of Where to Look Communications.

Kate Isichei runs boutique internal communications and employee engagement agency, Where To Look Communications, and has over 20 years' experience in the field. Kate works to make positive changes through bespoke consultancy packages that improve organisational leadership, change communications and collaboration.

Kate specialises in fostering understanding and collaboration, placing a distinctive emphasis on neurodiversity. By incorporating a neurodiversity-focused approach, she helps her high-level clients implement support systems and effective strategies for their inevitably neurodivergent workforces.

Kate is here to help progressive organisations create a more inclusive and thriving workplace by providing tailored, cost-effective consulting and training packages.

Collaboration Is At The Core of Progress.

It’s well documented that organisations embracing inclusion and diversity are more likely to reach their financial targets. Forbes found that diverse teams deliver 60% better results and make better decisions in 87% of cases.
Leveraging my expertise in Internal and External Communications, Digital Channels, Project Management, Employee Engagement, and Stakeholder Management, along with over two decades of hands-on experience, I am committed to guiding you towards the unparalleled success the integration of neurodiversity has to offer.

In just 40 days, your organisation can shift from a position of little or no awareness of neurodiversity to developing a solid and sustainable culture that aligns with neurodiverse employees who understand how to amplify their talents for significant business outcomes while ensuring those employees feel welcomed, involved and able to thrive.


Let’s talk about leveraging neurodiversity in your organisation and getting you (and your teams) the results you deserve.

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