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Increase your business profitability by harnessing all your employees' skills

Collaboration For Neurodivergence

Deliver increased engagement and job satisfaction for all your employees

How can companies create a cultural environment to make it easier for a diverse cohort of employees, teams, and leaders to come to the fore?

Our systems, structures, processes, and organisational cultures are all based on the neurotypical experience.  The way they operate works against many neurodivergent people, who can often struggle to not just feel more at ease, but also feel at home. It's important that we all feel like we belong.


To give your company a fighting start with increased engagement, heightened productivity, and enhanced profitability, the core organisational culture has to be one of:

At the core of this programme is Collaboration


Did you know that organisations who embrace inclusion and diversity are more likely to be financially successful? The impact on the bottom line is REAL. Forbes found that diverse teams deliver 60% better results and make better decisions in 87% of cases.

Leveraging my expertise in Internal and External Communications, Digital Channels, Project Management, Employee Engagement, and Stakeholder Management, along with over two decades of hands-on experience, I am committed to guiding you towards unparalleled success.


We focus on using the power of working together to build a stronger culture that encourages receptiveness to inclusivity.  We don't just encourage, but we also actively seek to identify opportunities to create an environment in which neurodiverse employees, in particular, can feel welcomed, involved, and thrive.

There are 6 steps that will lead your organisation from a position of LITTLE or NO awareness, knowledge, and focus on how your organisation can develop and grow with Autistic and ADHD identified employees, in particular, to a position of understanding how to harness and amplify the talents of your neurodiverse population.

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Presented by Kate Isichei, Founder of Where to Look Communications.

Kate Isichei runs independent internal communications and employee engagement agency, Where to Look Communications, and has over 20 years' experience in the field. Her aims are to make positive changes through bespoke consultancy packages that improve leadership, change communications and collaboration in organisations.

Kate specialises in fostering understanding and collaboration, placing a distinctive emphasis on neurodiversity. Through the incorporation of a neurodiversity-focused approach, she is dedicated to implementing support systems and effective strategies for the neurodivergent workforce of her clients. Kate is ready to collaborate with you to create a more inclusive and thriving workplace.

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