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Our Services

Leadership Visibility

My services include creating safe communication spaces for senior leaders to speak with junior employees about important issues. I partner with c-suite executives to understand their priorities and the priorities of their organisations and create channels for them to increase their visibility as leaders.

  • Leadership Forum

  • Leadership Virtual Rooms

  • Floor to ceiling initiatives

  • Writing proposals

  • Developing strategy

  • Creating environments

  • Delivering guidance

Collaborate to Communicate

I develop cross-business unit/sector communication initiatives that support the communication that spans the length and breadth of organisations.  This supports cross-sell initiatives and helps business units to understand how they can maximise profits through sharing ideas and innovating collaboratively.

  1. Scope out a business-led communication platform

  2. Co-create solutions based on business unit priorities and goals

  3. Identify and roll out the chosen communication approach 

Communities of Practice

I develop spaces for organisational communities – by expertise, business, geography or industry to share ideas, collaborate and develop business-changing innovations, whilst supporting employees’ professional growth and development.

  1. Harness collective organisational knowledge

  2. Define, create and implement virtual spaces where professionals can meet, share ideas and innovate.

  3. Support the definition of organisational communities and co-implement alongside identified communities.

Engagement Express podcast

I created 'Engagement Express' for HR, Internal Communication and Engagement professionals to get hints and tips on how to increase engagement in their organisations.

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