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  • Kate Isichei

Audience segmentation - tailor to your heart's content

I absolutely love data and using what it tells me to make informed decisions.

This is likely to be linked to my passion for understanding the audiences that I'm communicating with. To know your audience is not just to know numbers and statistics around gender, age and job type but also to understand their challenges and requirements, both from an organisation and communications' perspective. Questions that can tease out gold nuggets include:

  • What hours does your audience group typically work?

  • Where is your audience located?

  • What is the core of their daily work?

  • What tasks are they repeatedly doing?

  • Which groups do they work closely with and what is the nature of their relationship and collaboration?

Really getting under the skin of your various audience groups is time consuming but, for me it's a necessary labour of love.

The better you understand your audience, the more tailored and useful the communications will be which will resonate with employees in relation to content, emphasis, tone and length.


It's not that difficult to achieve but does require resource to pull together an organisational heat map showing where the hot and cool engagement spots are.

If your organisation needs some audience segmentation or you'd like to know more about how this can help with engagement targets, coming out of an employee survey, get in touch for an informal chat. Feel free to reach out to me via or book an appointment via

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